Renewable Energy

Deployment of renewable energy is accelerating worldwide – with one goal: globally change our current energy mix. Within this global context, localizing potential areas for renewable plant implementation is one of the key challenges.

How we can help

Finding a site? It is about targeting areas, while taking into account a full range of technical, environmental, land property and regulatory parameters. Our main SaaS solution ELASTICMAP is being designed to increase renewables energy implementation potential, through leverage of geospatial data’s.

Efficient site identification - Elasticmap by Geopt

Efficient site identification

A global end to end geospatial analysis solution integrating all prospecting steps, including site parameters identification and potential evaluation.

Updated geospatial data - Elasticmap by Geopt

Updated geospatial data

All key and latest geospatial data located into one collaborative interface, with capacity to absorb new geospatial information in a short period of time.or nibh.

Collaborative interface - Elasticmap by Geopt

Collaborative interface

A solution facilitating access to geospatial analysis for any type of user, thus enhancing interaction within a decentralized and transversal organization.

Decision making tool - Elasticmap by Geopt

Decision making tool

All decisions making process being simplified based on the usage of meaningful geospatial analysis.

The story behind

Our team is closely working with key renewables energy stakeholders, as to ensure understanding of current and future context – thus anticipating future solution development and geospatial data needs.

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