Environmental protection, biodiversity promotion, natural spaces conservation: such key challenges are essential to our future and required proper planned local and global actions.

How we can help

Analyzing geospatial data will allow you to find the most appropriate decision for your projects. Our main SaaS solution ELASTICMAP is being design to process a wide range of geospatial data as to simplify your analysis and exploration tasks.

Biodiversity Protection - Elasticmap by Geopt

Biodiversity Protection

ELASTICMAP provides you with the required localization knowledge as to implement an appropriate protection plan for natural habitats and the preservation and management sensitive species.

Issues Localization and Identification - Elasticmap by Geopt

Issues Localization and Identification

Determining challenges in natural areas based on a multi-criterion geographical approach, including different topics such as biotopes, species, human activities… Using ELASTICMAP will simplify that activity as for you to focus on the overall decision process.

The story behind

Our team works closely with key environmental stakeholders & has developed specific functions in that area as to ensure understanding of current and future context – thus anticipating future development solutions and geospatial data needs.

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