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Elasticmap is a complete geospatial data SaaS solution that is easy to use and scale for your activity – fast, collaborative, innovative.

What we offer

Innovative Mapping Solutions

Time to decide - Elasticmap by Geopt

Time to decide

There is no right or wrong decision – there is simply a time to choose and to act: our solution will support your decision by providing an accurate geospatial analysis for your core business.

Easily manage all geospatial data - Elasticmap by Geopt

Easily manage all geospatial data

You need to be able focus on your core activity and spend less time in data processing: Elasticmap will integrate any new dataset so as to be exploitable in one unique location.

Get your team on board - Elasticmap by Geopt

Get your team on board

Your team is evolving, so why not engage them within your processes and potential projects: our platform aims to be accessible to any type of user profile.

Fast & Powerful - Elasticmap by Geopt

Fast & Powerful

Speed up your process – carry out fast geospatial analyses on a different scale: Elasticmap has been developed to be powerful, quick and flexible.

Collaborative & Organized

Moving to a transversal and agile organization: Elasticmap is the sole geospatial tool aiming to provide a full overview of your project’s activities for your whole team.

Collaborative & Organized - Elasticmap by Geopt
Innovative and one step ahead - Elasticmap by Geopt

Innovative & One Step Ahead

Evolving in the fast-growing data environment: Elasticmap is set up to be aligned to the latest geospatial data trends and innovate along with with its user community and key partners.

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