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GEOPT, geospatial data analysis solutions provider, ensures quick mapping modelization to enhance your decision-making process.

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What we offer

Innovative Mapping Solutions

The Elasticmap Platform for Innovative Mapping Solutions - Geopt

The Elasticmap Platform

An easy-to-use and collaborative cloud solution with no need for technical expertise, resulting in exploitable cartographic analysis.

Our Data Sources for Innovative Mapping Solutions - Geopt

Our Data Sources

An up-to-date and available data collection, with the capacity to access a full range of geospatial data and transform any source into geospatial information.

A Customized Approach to innovative mapping solutions - Geopt

A Customized Approach

An innovative methodology performed jointly with our users’ community to further enhance our solutions allowing us to remain aligned to current and future sector needs.

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Who we work with

Geopt technology fits into all types of activities


In this fast-growing sector, GEOPT allows you to locate appropriate zones with the purpose of implementing renewables plants, thus creating competitive advantage for our users and in consequence increasing their market shares.


For any environmental organization or related topics such as: protection of the environment, promotion of biodiversity, conservation of natural spaces… GEOPT is capable of providing specific geospatial analysis.

Urban planning

Proper urban planning requires taking into consideration a wide range of aspects that GEOPT will translate into mapping analysis, all with the aim of improving our cities organization and therefore urban life quality.

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What people are saying

A few testimonials

Corsica Sole – Renewables

“Elasticmap is a very agile tool allowing us to analyze any geographical area with a wide range of criteria. So get on board quickly!”

Thibault – CS Solaire – Renewables

Actions Territoires – Urban Planning

“Geopt’s main product Elasticmap is very powerful in terms of geospatial data analysis possibilities –  effecient and easy to use.”

Marie  – Actions Territoires – Urban Planning

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